Aims and Objectives

Objectives Target

The General aim and Objectives includes to:

    1) Promote the idea of building sustainable economic development among trade associations and communications across diverse sectors and industry.

    2) Identify practical insights and tools to help associations assess emerging risks, define their options and set priority in phases for inclusive growth.

    3) Analyse how associations operate and how they can be expected to relate to their MSME members.

    4) Identify tools of assessing sustainability practices of different trade associations and chambers of commerce.

    5) Identity the  workable definition of Trade Association and the Informal sector for Sustainable development in a democratic economy

    6) X-ray the most strategic challenges facing the informal sector as well as the appropriate solutions for inclusive economic growth and sustenance.

    7) Learn how Informal sector impacts on the nation’s gross domestic products year of year.

    8) Identify the role of finance and partnering in driving formalization of informal enterprises.

    9) Identify key implications and opportunities for Associations in achieving the future we want according to the Africa Agenda 2063 & UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    10) Create a call to action, addressing association leaders and their boards to understand how trends impact on their leadership, membership drive and performers.

    11) Identify leadership roles that promotes industry role towards socio-economic development in Nigeria.

    12) Re-orchestrate an innovative platform that lends a collective voice for good governance, inclusive growth and shared prosperity

    13) Establish enabling policies and recommendations for good governance, inclusive growth and shared prosperity in Nigeria.